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Protesi oncologiche

Made in titanium alloy for a better biocompatibility and a lower total weight than prostheses constructed with other materials.
Possibility of implant cemented or cementless.

Allows resection with a length of 9 cm. (or less) to 30 cm. (or more).
The fixing to the shaft takes place with systems intrinsic of stability oversight torsional with hexagonal stems, without side flaps or fixing screws.

Allows adjustment rotational of the final prosthesis, after fixing of the stem, with systems (as racks) that allow corrections of rotations lower than 10 °.

The system of articulation of the prosthetic knee implant is constrained and is fitted with a sphere which has stability in extension and allows the physiological torsional movements of the knee in flexion.

The modular system MUTARS ® as described above is available:
  • Ceramic coating with TiN and TiNbN for the prophylaxis of allergies to metals.
  • Silver Coating for antibacterial prophylaxis.
Consider these characteristics can be defined that the MUTARS® prosthesis is unique in the International Market.

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