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Protesi per revisioni

Modularity, stems anti-rotational stellar pro-curved section, the possibility of rotation double angle of 5 ° proximal component (127 ° and 1325 °) and also locking system with double safety screw metal.

Titanium modular system for reconstructions up to 250mm.
Available with stems cementless / cemented with or without holes.
Available stems in three lengths up to 250mm on request we can provide you with stems up to over 300mm (Custom Made).

The proximal part of the prosthesis is equipped with offset system with the possibility of anteversion of the neck which is cone morse12-14 to accommodate heads from 28mm - 32mm, cones morse are certified to accommodate ceramic heads.

In addition, IMPLANTCAST ITALIA offers the TIN coating (titanium - niobium) for any prosthesis to be implanted at any allergic patient.

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