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Implantcast Italia is a Company of Marketing affiliate with Implantcast GMBH Company World of Hamburg (Germany) highly specialized in design, development and production of Prosthetic Systems (certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001/DIN EN 46001) and Technology Specialist for Orthopaedic Surgery.

Implantcast Italia was established in 2003 and was born from the previous Company Ortho Medical Srl which operated in the same field since 1992.

Implantcast Italia sells the following products:
  • Revision Prosthesis  "MUTARS ®"
  • Modular Prosthetic Tumor "MUTARS ®"
  • Custom-Made Prostheses

The acknowledgment to Implantcast Italia of Conformity with the UNI EN ISO 9001 will guarantee to customer a better service and product quality.
Implantcast Italia is able to assist its customers and satisfy every requirement, providing specific instrumentations and any specific advice of highly qualified staff.

The company Implantcast GmbH:
It was founded in 1988 in Buxtheude (Germany), today is one of the main orthopedic specialists regarding the development, production of orthopedic surgery. The core competency is the manufacture of orthopedic joints, megaprosthesis for tumor resection and custom made systems.
The cooperation with major European Hospitals strengthened the continuous development work of the implants and of the instruments.

This close collaboration allowed to be always updated and continue the development on the basis of experiences in the area of tumor prosthesis, modifying the products according to the latest standards of knowledge. The close collaboration with major European Hospital structures, in a short time has allowed the development and success of the modular system for tumors and major revision MUTARS ®, today this system is considered among the leading tumor systems used in Europe.

Since 1992, the system MUTARS ® has been successfully used for the treatment of severe bone defects of the lower and upper extremities. The modular design has been developed in cooperation with Prof. Dr. Winklemann (former director) and Prof. Dr. G.Gosheger (director) of the "Department of General Orthopedics and Tumororthopedics at the University Hospital of Munster." Until 2010 over 11000 plant MUTARS ® have been successfully implanted, showing excellent functional results, either as individual solution, either as for arthroplasty of the adjacent joints.
- The MUTARS ® System coated Silver for antibacterial prophylaxis, is the only system with long-term results from 2002;

- The Silver coating system MUTARS ® is unique because today Implantcast completed experimental tests on animals, (Silver-coated megaendoprostheses in a rabbit MODELA € "an analysis of the infection rate and toxicological side effects - Biomaterials 25 (2004) 5547 -5556);
- The Silver coating of the system MUTARS ® is unique in having the CE certification and standard equipment used in power implants.

Although today the systems are structured in a modular way to ensure greater intraoperative flexibility, there is a continuous demand, especially in the field of major revisions \ tumors, custom made  prosthesis; Implantcast GmbH, for these cases offers a service of optimal planning for the systems custom-made developed through an optimal synergy between surgeon and manufacture.
To date, about 400 employees work at the headquarters of Implantcast GmbH in Germany. Highly qualified employees are involved in the production, processing and manual finishing of the prosthesis and associated instrumentations. In this way, to date, more than 90.000 knee prostheses, 70.000 hip prostheses and other endoprosthesis are made each year. Implantcast GmbH, is present throughout the world with a branched network of over 40 distributors to date, and is represented directly with direct partners in Italy, Poland, Benelux, UK, Greece, Thailand.

The team's success is the principle of cooperation between the companies and the maintenance of full autonomy. All products are CE labeled (EC Design Examination Certificate) from MED \ CERT. The company is equipped with a certificate of conformity (EC Certificate of Conformity) for the integration and application of the quality system to 100% in agreement with the EU Directive 93/42/EEC.

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