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The complete system MUTARS ® offers an opportunity to restore the correct biomechanical to an excellent primary stability in all cases that have a high bone loss and alterations of the framework anatomy.

The materials used for the realization of the system, are alloy TiAl6V4 (implatan ®) for the components of biological fixation and extraosso not articular, or CoCrMo alloy (implavit ®) for the component to be cemented and ceramic material TiN as a coating for the articular components.

The system MUTARS ® presents a complete modularity allowing separate control of the choice of the stem from the articular portion. Is also possible connect to each other all the components both in the revisions both in tumors. The assembly of modular components is realized through connections to the rack with intraoperative adjustment in steps of 5 ° and locked with the screw.
All components of the system MUTARS ® are connectable to any custom-made components.

Special coatings:

- The possibility of having, for the components non-articular and extraosso, a coating in silver with a thickness of 15 microns, for antibacterial prophylaxis, obtained by galvanic deposition directly on the surface of titanium alloy;

- The possibility to provide for the prophylaxis of allergic reaction to the release of metal ions, of a coating in ceramic material with titanium nitride TiN obtained by PVD technique (physical vapor deposition), with characteristics of roughness <0.03 microns; Hardness 23 000 (+ / -2000) MPa; Thickness of 4.5 (+ / -1.5) micron;

The system MUTARS ® Silver coated is the only system with long-term results from 2002.
The Silver coating system MUTARS ® is unique because we are the only group to have completed experimental tests on animals, (Silver-coated megaendoprostheses in a rabbit model-an analysis of the infection rate and toxicological side-effects Biomaterials 25 (2004 ) 5547-5556).

The coating system MUTARS ® Silver is the only one to have CE certification.

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